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Everdell: The Complete Collection

Updated: Apr 19

James A Wilson's original game of Everdell first appeared in 2018. Its combination of deep but accessible euro game mechanics with cute art, and with a huge 3D tree to boot, made the game an instant hit, and publishers Starling Games have since brought out a succession of well-received expansions. Like Tolkein's One Ring, this massive 'big box' compilation brings the core game and all of its expansions together to deliver exactly what it says on the box: The Complete Collection!

But, be warned, 'big box' doesn't really do justice to the sheer scale of Everdell: The Complete Collection. The box is gigantic - 50cm tall, 33cm wide and 17cm deep. And the box isn't just big for the sake of it. There's no empty air here. The box is big because it incorporates all the content from Everdell and the Pearlbrook, Bellfaire, Spirecrest, Newleaf and Mistwood expansions, plus the Freshwater, Glimmergold and Trailblazers upgrade packs, and to top it all it includes a wooden tree in place of the cardboard construct in the core game. There are moulded boxes for all the components so, despite its bulk, set up is manageable, whatever combination of game and expansions you choose to play.

If you already have Everdell and all its expansions, then you'll already have all the content so you'll have no reason to add this edition to your collection, other than for its drawl factor. If you only have the base game, then The Complete Collection is an excellent way of acquiring all those missing expansions. Get this and sell your copy of the base game or hand it on to a deserving relative, friend or cause. And for anyone who hasn't yet discovered Everdell, where have you been for the last four years? Get a copy of thus Complete Collection while you still can!

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