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Dungeon Fighter: Castle of the Frightening Frosts

The icy themed Castle of the Frightening Frosts is one of several Dungeon Fighter games published by Horrible Guild. It's very similar to Dungeon Fighter: Second Edition, which we reviewed recently on Board's Eye View. It's playable as an expansion to Dungeon Fighter: Second Edition using the heroes from the base game but it's also playable as a standalone cooperative game. It comes with four new heroes, so unless you have any of the other games in the series it takes 1-4 players.

Castle of the Frightening Frosts has a similar target board for your dice chucking. It comes with a full new set of ice-themed monsters, distinct map cards and more treasure but the most striking thing you'll see when you open the box is all the card and plastic components representing various ice features. In place of the custom six-sided dice of the base game, the custom dice in Castle of the Frightening Frosts are mostly four-sided - which you'll find decidedly more difficult to bounce. There are tho' some special tiny custom d6 and an oversize foam d6 that can be called into play. 3D icebergs fit into the holes surrounding the central bullseye, and they dish out extra damage when hit by one of your dice. When an iceberg is hit, however, it is removed from play - so this Dungeon Fighter steps up in difficulty as the game progresses.

Other plastic components are used to alter the way the dice are bounced. For example, when you encounter the Blue Dragon, adventurers have to slide their dice off the waterfall piece.

Essentially it's more of the same but with a bit more besides. And again, it makes a great addition to any RPG set in the icy wastes, like D&D's Icespire Mountain. You can make your RPG combat more visceral by bouncing your dice to hit the Castle of the Frightening Frosts target rather than merely rolling for a hit...

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