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Dragonbond: Battles of Valerna

We recently featured Dragonbond: Lords of Vaala on Board's Eye View. Publishers Draco Studios are back on Kickstarter with a new Print & Play war game set in the Dragonbond universe. Designed by Jack Caesar and Alessio Cavatore, Dragonbond: Battles of Valerna is a war game with up to five armies.

For a pledge of just $5 you can the pdf files for the rulebook, scenarios, cards and tokens representing all the units, along with STL files that will print 3D terrain and the requisite 10-sided dice for those you'll have to have access to a 3D printer. That's all you need in order to play the game, but of course there's more... Draco Studios have designed some standout quality minis for Battles of Valerna. All are available through the Kickstarter, but as STL files for 3D printers. You can buy all the files for any single army (plus everything in the $5 pledge) for $25, but you'll almost certainly want to pledge for air least two of the armies ($45). A pledge of $110 will get you the STL files for ALL of the minis: that's five armies, and a bunch of monsters, mercenaries and more dragons: STLs for more than 250 minis!

Dragonbond: Battles of Valerna is live now on Kickstarter. Because the game is entirely Print & Play, there shouldn't be the usual months and years of wait between making your pledge and getting your game: Draco Studios expect to fulfil to backers very shortly after the campaign closes, and with no worries about unwelcome shipping charges! You can check out the campaign at

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