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Designed by Benjamin Schwer and with great-looking meeples and art by Dennis Lohausen, Djinn is a game where the 1-4 players will be moving between locations on a modular board gathering the resources needed to catch and trap the legions of Djinn that are on the loose. It's a lively set collection and action selection game from Pegasus Spiele and Hall Games where you'll need to accumulate magical power, hire mages to help you, and acquire the bottles (and corks!) needed to capture the Djinn, and to succeed you'll need to plan a move or so ahead so that you chain your acquisitions and actions to optimise their effectiveness.

With its board with randomised tokens and varied objective cards, no two games will play exactly the same so there's plenty of replayabiity. Even tho' there are some cards with text on them, there's a reliance on iconography for most of the actions. However, you'll find that players will soon get to grips with them all. Tho' there are plenty of choices to make on your turn, Djinn isn't a game that's likely to give rise to Analysis Paralysis: in our plays at Board's Eye View at all player counts, turns were quick and you can realistically expect to complete a game in under an hour, even with a full complement of four players.

Seasoned gamers will probably see Djinn as a light game but it is certainly a big step up from the 'gateway' games like Ticket to Ride (Day of Wonder) that non-gamers are usually comfortable with. Djinn then is one to consider as a game to introduce to folk who have graduated from lighter set collection games. Other players may pick up ahead of you resources you were hoping to nab but otherwise player interaction is limited to directing the pace of the game: if I am leisurely collecting resources and building up my power, you can decide to pick off boss Djinn to hasten the end of the game before I get a chance to profit from my Djinn battling engine... Again, a dynamic that may come as a surprise to those coming relatively new to modern board games.

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