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Disney Mickey's Christmas Carol

Disney Mickey's Christmas Carol may be a clumsy title but this game from Funko Games is a simple-to-play fully cooperative push-your-luck game where the 2-4 players are trying to complete four puzzles that tell a Disney version of Charles Dickens' Christmas Carol before the clock runs out.

Don't worry, tho' there's a clock this isn't an adrenaline-pumping real-time speed game. The puzzles are each made up of six tiles. These, plus seven 'special tiles' go into a draw bag. On your turn, you draw up to five tiles but you can stop drawing at any point. You want collectively to complete the puzzles in ascending numerical order because if you complete a puzzle in the wrong order (ie: you complete a higher number puzzle while a lower numbered puzzle is still incomplete) you advance a Scrooge McDuck standee around the clock face by the number of hours equal to the puzzle number. You also advance Scrooge one hour for most of the special tiles drawn. When you've drawn five tiles (or fewer if you stopped drawing early), you place out two of the tiles in their matching puzzles and the rest go back into the bag.

The game can be played by quite young children, tho' the youngest may get carried away drawing tiles so not initially grasp the judgement call that can make it sensible to stop drawing sooner if you've happened upon two tiles for the lowest value puzzle. The game features Disney cartoon art (Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck et al) which, along with its bright gold box, adds to its child and family game appeal. Our only surprise is that the rules don't suggest a solitaire option - but the game can certainly be played solo. Still Disney Mickey's Christmas Carol is a game that all the family can play at Christmas, and at around 20 minutes it won't overstay its welcome. And whether you collectively win or lose, when the puzzles are all complete, you can use them to recount this Disney version of Dickens' familiar tale.

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