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Cutthroat Cove: Pieces of Eight

Cutthroat Cove is a fast-playing card game where players are trying to end up with treasure cards that sum to precisely eight when the event draw deck is exhausted.

The 2-4 players all start with one treasure card and one event card. On your turn, you draw a new event card, so you have two, and you choose which card to play and carry out its instructions, similar to the card play in Love Letter (AEG). The 10 undealt treasure cards are laid out face down in a 5 x 2 grid and, as a result of the event cards, some of these may get flipped during the course of play and cards will certainly be drawn into your hand.

There's a strong 'pass the parcel' element as there will probably be some treasure cards that you'll want to get rid of: some will be worthless, some will take you over the 'pieces of eight' total and (other than in the two-player game) there will be one or more treasure cards that are 'cursed': regardless of your 'pieces of eight' score, you cannot win if you end the game with a 'cursed' card. And when you use event cards to steal from another player, you'll want to try to keep a mental note of what cards are where so that your 'take that' steal doesn't end up saddling you with a liability rather than a benefit.

Cutthroat Cove: Pieces of Eight is a light entertaining filler-length game that could satisfy your pirate fix in no more than 10 minutes. Aaargh!

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