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Crime Scene: Brooklyn 2002

We featured Tactic Games' Crime Scene: London 1892 last year on Board's Eye View. Brooklyn 2002 is another in Tactic Games' Crime Scene series of murder mystery puzzle games. Like Crime Scene: London 1892, Brooklyn 2002 is based on a story authored by Finnish crime writer Arttu Tuominen. The game is designed by Richard Heayes, Markku Heljakka and Petter Ilander, with art by Ville Koivula.

In Brooklyn 2002 there's a large picture which is divided into numbered segments. As with the other games in the Crime Scene series, the game is played using four discrete decks of cards. These include Evidence cards, Reputation cards, Crime Files and Hints. You start off with the story, which sets the scene before moving you on to the Evidence cards, which you work through, following the connections they offer and solving the puzzles they set you. If you're floored by any of the puzzles you can refer to the Hints but that'll be at the cost of Reputation. When you think you have a puzzle solved, you check the corresponding Crime File card. Piecing these together should solve the murder investigation.

The Crime Scene games work well as solitaire puzzlers but they are even better when played as a cooperative game with two, three or four players, debating the evidence and arguing together over the solution to the puzzles. The game is designated as 18+ because of the nature of the crime and the evidence you're examining but, as with London 1892, there's not much here that older children won't already have seen more graphically portrayed in an average pre-Watershed evening of TV drama; so you should probably treat the 18+ on the box as a mild content warning to parents rather than an indication of suitability.

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