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Crazy Laws

Crazy Laws is another fun pub quiz style party game from Gamestorm Studio and Tactic Games. The 2-6 players take it in turns to draw a card from the 194-card question deck and read out the law. The other players then use their True/False cards to vote on whether the law that's described is true or invented. Get the answer right and you take a facedown card to keep score (in a two-player game you can take the actual law card the was read out). The winner is the first player to collect five cards.

The rules are as simple and straightforward as it's possible to be, so no-one will have any difficulty playing this game. And it's a game you'll probably learn from: even where the laws described are 'false', there's often explanatory text that tells players perhaps that the bizarre regulation used to be the law until it was recently repealed.

Crazy Laws is a short filler-length trivia game to have fun with, perhaps as an after dinner pastime. The upper limit for player count is really only determined by the number of True/False cards supplied, but you could readily up the numbers if you provided your own extra True/False indicators for the additional players. As a game, the main limitation is that it is only ever offering a simple 50/50 true or false choice, so Crazy Laws doesn't offer any real depth of play. Still, as a law-themed trivia game, it plays better than Disorderly Conduct.

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