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Cozy Juicy Real

Updated: Apr 10, 2023

Cozy Juicy Real is a Q&A party game where 2-8 players are answering questions as they move their token around the (cloth) board. Questions are worth points, and the winner is the player who has amassed the highest point value of cards following the double-value 'lightning round' that's triggered when the first player reaches the end of the track.

It's a simple enough game, so very accessible as a party game for those who aren't regular board game players. The title corresponds to the three main categories of question card, tho' there's also a deck marked 'Random' and the 'Lightning' cards that are introduced as a final potential catch-up round where you're likely to be applying some of what you've picked up about other players' feelings and experiences as you guess their answers to multiple-choice scenarios. Players also start with a number of 'Spark' cards that can be played to inject further interaction; for example, to ask another player a follow-up question ('Go Deeper') or to express support for another player ('Hug'). Playing a Spark card gives additional points to the player who receives it. You're incentivised to play them tho' because any Spark cards you have left unplayed at the end of the game have their value deducted from your score!

Tho' there are specific rules to allow for two-player games, Cozy Juicy Real is ideally suited for at least three players. On your turn, you draw a card that corresponds to the space your marker is on. You answer the question and you move the indicated number of spaces along the track. This isn't a trivia game, however. The questions aren't factual or general knowledge, they're about players' experiences and feelings...

Cozy Juicy Real is another then of those titles that walk the tightrope between board game and group therapy. That's not a criticism: it can be a great ice-breaker or a game that's played by close friends over a few drinks. It's not a game to approach as a cutthroat competition; yes, you're keeping score and a winner should emerge, but Cozy Juicy Real is a game you should primarily approach as a sharing experience. And included in the box is a slim and slimmed-down travel version of the game that just uses the core Cozy, Juicy and Real card decks and a custom six-sided die to determine which card you take: highly portable and perfect for getting to know friends and new people you meet on your holidays.

The rules specify that if a player doesn't want to answer a question they can discard the card and draw another, so this game shouldn't trigger any embarrassment. And for the record, we didn't find any of the questions in the core game offensive or 'Not Safe For Work' (NSFW), tho' we can't speak for every answer they elicit. When the game comes to Kickstarter next week, there's due to be a Spicy card expansion. You might just want to check their suitability before adding the Spicy cards to the decks.

Cozy Juicy Real is due to launch on Kickstarter on 28 March. Click here to check it out.

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