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Love 'em or hate 'em quiz and trivia games were firmly established in the 1980s with Trivial Pursuit (Hasbro) and they are obviously here to stay. Among them, tho', there's a distinctive subset of 'estimating' games. In these, you're rewarded for knowing the answer but, in the main, the demand on players is to come up with a ball park response rather than an answer with pinpoint precision. Wits & Wagers (North Star) is probably the best known of these but Confident?, distributed by Asmodee, brings its own take to the genre, and, like Wits & Wagers, it successfully straddles the divide between trivia and party games.

In Confident? each of the 2–6 players has their own answer board and dry-wipe pen (the sort you find in most roll&write games). There are a couple of decks of cards containing questions, all of which call for a numerical answer. One question asks, for example, how many tweets were sent by President Trump during his first term of office. Players are invited to write on their boards the range in which they think the correct answer lies. The correct answer is revealed and players score a point if it falls within the range they have given. The player with the smallest range (smallest gap between their top and bottom estimate) scores 3 points. The winner is the first to reach 15 points.

The game's designers, Ceri Price and Natalie Podd, have included a few 'confidence boosts' to shake things up a bit before answers are revealed. Copy lets you piggy back off the answer of another player: if a history question comes up and I know that one of my opponents is a history buff then I might well want to use Copy. If I am sneaky, I might instead use Swap: this means that I take your board as my answer and you have to take mine. On the other hand, if I am really Confident in my answer, I can elect to Double - which will score me double points for my answer. Each of these three boosts is single-use per player per game. They will annoy any quiz purists but they invite more blagging and bluff, and so help to turn Confident? into a successful party game.

Confident? has already spawned a couple of expansions, so you're unlikely to run out of questions. There's even a Now It's Personal expansion where players pose personal questions to which they supply their own answers. The designers have (so far) avoided the temptation to go down the NSFW route and proffer ribald or overly embarrassing questions; so even this Now It's Personal expansion is still family friendly.

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