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Coffee Rush

Designed by Euijin Han, with art by Siwon Hwang, Coffee Rush is a light easy-to-play family game from Korea Boardgames where the 2-4 players are baristas racing to fill café customers' orders.

Players each have a barista meeple that they move around a board with a 4 x 4 grid (two baristas apiece with just two players). You collect ingredients for every square you pass through - not just where you end your movement; you can move through the squares containing other baristas but you cannot end your movement in an occupied square. You can get Rush tokens as a bonus on some orders and you can spend these to give your barista extra movement. Part of the family appeal of Coffee Rush is in the charm of the plastic ingredients, and when you collect them you place them in miniature transparent plastic cups ready to fulfil the orders that demand those ingredients.

Complete an order and it'll earn you social media Likes, which are the victory point currency of the game, just as they are in life :-) You'll also generate more orders for other players. These can be a curse rather than a catch-up mechanic, however: each turn unfulfilled orders slip further down a player's board and if they fall off the end then they score negative points... The game has a distinct arc: it starts off at a relatively leisurely pace but the rush is on as more orders keep arriving and you have to fulfil multiple orders in a single turn - hard even with Rush tokens to give your barista extra moves.

When you've collected three fulfilled orders you have the option of trading them in for an upgrade that lets your barista move diagonally as well as orthogonally, or which situationally lets you collect double ingredients. Deciding whether or not to sacrifice points-earning orders for an upgrade isn't a tough call tho': the upgrade tiles are each worth 2 points, so you're really only sacrificing a single victory point to take the upgrade ability.

Because it is so appealing and intuitively easy to play, Coffee Rush is a set collection game you can break out to play with children or to introduce to non-gamers. And appropriately, with a bit of a rush, this is a game you can probably fit in to play over a coffee break.

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