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Clash of Galliformes

Hailing from Todys Games in Sweden, Clash of Galliformes is set in an alternative reality where sentient species of giant birds are vying for dominance in the frozen north of Scandinavia.

Clash of Galliformes is designed by Kim Aberg and Kim Jansson. It's played with asymmetric bird species on a modular board, the size of which is dependent on the number of players (2-4). The board is seeded with face-down tokens that show either a number (1-9) or a technology. As you explore the board, you'll reveal and collect the tokens. You'll be building outposts to secure resources and you'll use them to generate additional birds and to upgrade your species' abilities. There's combat - both between players and with a non-player species - and token set collection contributes to solving a 'puzzle'/creating a 'cave painting'.

Shown here on Board's Eye View is a preview prototype of the game but the version going to Kickstarter is also due to offer an expansion that allows for solitaire play and the extra pieces needed to increase the player count to five. Stretch goals for the KS also promise upgraded art and dual-layer boards

With its combination of exploration, set collection, resource management and combat, Clash of Galliformes is an odd but compelling mix of ideas and it makes for an intriguing game! It's due to hit Kickstarter on 15 June. Click here to check out the campaign.

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