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Cargolino Valentino

Designed by Eugeni Castaño and published by Atomo Games, Cargolino Valentino is really a race game in reverse because the 2-6 players are moving anthropomorphised snails over two races where you want your snail(s) to be the slowest and so come last. You know which snail(s) you control (two each with 2 or 3 players; just one snail apiece with 4-6 players) but the players don't know for sure which snails are controlled by which other players; that's something they are going to have to deduce from players actions. That said, within a few a turns it's likely players will all know which snails belong to which players.

This is a roll & move game where players will be rolling four custom six-sided dice that show a different colour on each face. In response to each die rolled you either move the snail of that colour or a snail that's at a location matching that colour... Because you can action your dice in any order, there's scope for simple tactics in moving a snail onto a colour that lets you move them again.

With its easily understood roll & move mechanic, Cargolino Valentino is primarily a children's game but it's engaging enough for adults to be happy to play with their children as a family game. It's attractively presented, with art by Chechu Nieto and Maciej Szymanowicz, and it plays quickly: you should be able to complete the two races within the 20 minutes indicated on the box.

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