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Boy Band Builder

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

In Boy Band Builder from GoodGood Games, the 2-4 players are managers in the music world assembling and promoting their boy band.

Designed by Luke Earley, Sam Rosen and Samuel Geer, and with distinctive art by Marit McCluske and Adam Tremaine, Boy Band Builder is actually a set collection card game with a strong element of 'Take That' - and we don't mean the pop group with Robbie Williams and Gary Barlow! Players take two actions on their turn:

  • You can draw two Star cards, adding to the three with which you start the game

  • You can play a Star card, either adding to the stats of one of your band members or screwing with the band or hand of another player

  • The Audition action lets you draw three Artist cards and choose one to add to your band. Some artists are 'free' in that there is no cost to taking that artist but others, with better stats, will require you to pay for them by discarding one or more Star cards

  • Finally, if your band members stats meet the requirements of one of the four Gig cards on display, you can take that card. Ultimately, it's these Gig cards that count because the game ends once a player collects a set number of Gigs (7 for a two-player game; 6 with three players; 5 when playing with four). Watch out tho' because the Gigs vary in value and it's the total value that will determine the game's winner, and that won't necessarily be the player with the most Gig cards.

Boy Band Builder is at its best with three or four players. It plays quickly. Players tend initially to build up their hands of Star cards, not least because there is no limit on their number, and then the game becomes one of optimising your set collection of band stat icons and aggressive sniping at other players. There's a fair amount of card and band member stealing, and of handicapping other players by playing cards on their band members that disallow their stats, so the music may not be swing but the game can certainly be swingy!

The net result is a light easy-to-play game that can be enjoyed by all the family, provided no one gets too upset at having their carefully cultivated band members poached or nobbled.

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