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Bible Animals: Click Clack Match

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

Published by Bible Games Central, Bible Animals: Click Clack Match is an easy-to-play filler-length push-your-luck dice game aimed primarily at children. There's a deck of 56 'objective' cards and 20 custom six-sided dice. Five of the die faces show animals that appear in one or more Bible stories: cow/dove/fish/lion/sheep and the sixth face depicts a sad-face emoji. The objective cards show various combinations of 4-6 animal icons.

Three objective cards are placed face up and, on our turn, you roll five dice. You can place out animals rolled on any one of the three cards but you set aside any sad-face dice. If you complete a card, you win it and score its points value; the dice placed on the card go back in to the pool, as do any animal dice you are unable to place. You can choose to end your turn or you can keep on by rolling another five dice but you'll bust and your turn will end when you accumulate a total of three sad-face dice.

A card is only won by the player who completes it (ie: places the last die), so if you push-your-luck to keep going and end up partially populating but not completing multiple cards, you're likely to find you're helping the next player. Nevertheless, we mostly found in our Board's Eye View plays that folk found it best to keep going until they bust.

Bible Animals is a very light 2-6 player children's game with a high luck quotient. The scoring values of the cards ranged from 5-20 points but the points value doesn't tally closely with the ease or difficulty in completing a card. There are, for example, cards with four animals on them that score 5 points and others that score 10 points. The cards scoring 20 points all require six animals - the same as some of the 15-point cards - tho' the 20-point cards required all the same animal.

There will be some potential customers for this game who will dismiss it because of the Biblical reference in the title. That'd be a pity because this is a cute animal-themed game that young children will enjoy. On the other hand, there will be some for whom the Bible theme is a big plus but who may be disappointed to find that the Bible doesn't really feature within the game other than in an explanatory note in the rules that gives an example of where each of the animals appeared in a Bible story (for example, the Old Testament story of Daniel in the Lion's Den). Oddly, the example given for the dove is the account from Matthew describing Jesus' encounter with John the Baptist. This is actually a reference to the Holy Spirit descending 'like a dove' - so not actually a dove! Perhaps a better choice would've been the role of the dove in finding dry land in the story of Noah.

As a bonus tho' for those who want more Biblical gaming content, Bible Games Central have a free trivia quiz available to play at

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