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Beat the Sequence

Beat the Sequence is another of those engaging logic puzzle games from the Happy Puzzle Company. This time, players are organising segments of a circle to create patterns of colours in the circle's five concentric rings.

The game comprises two sets of 32 segment pieces, two circular bases into which the segments fit and a pair of stands on which you can rest your circular base board. As with other puzzle games in the Happy Puzzle Company's range (for example, DropZone, 30 Cubed and Genius Square), you just need one set of pieces to play the game solo or solitaire; the second set is there for competitive two-player games where you are racing against another player.

To play Beat the Sequence, each player picks out the twelve numbered segments for one of the 400 puzzles in the rule book. Players then race to position their 12 pieces so that all of the five colours in the concentric rings are equidistant (ie: if, for example, there are four red arcs, three orange, four yellow, four green and two blue, the segments must be placed so that the red, yellow and green arcs are all three apart, the orange arcs are four apart and the blue arcs are on opposite sides of the circle).

The rulebook includes solutions for all 400 puzzles but in our Board's Eye View plays we haven't found the need to look those up. We quickly found a system for methodically working through by positioning one colour (say red in the outer ring) and then placing out one of the other colours so that it too conformed to its equidistant requirement. As you work through the colours in this way, you are bound to find you need to swap the position of a couple of the segments you've previously placed but you should find this approach gets you to a solution fairly quickly.

Beat the Sequence may not be as hard as some other puzzle games in the Happy Puzzle Company range but the spatial awareness puzzles are nonetheless satisfying to solve. And, like solving a Soduko, racing against another player (or against the clock if playing solo) could help to hone your mental agility.

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