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Beards and Booty

We don't usually feature print & play games on Board's Eye View but we've made an exception for Kristian Fosh's pirate-themed Beards and Booty. It's a light dice-rolling game for 2-4 players where you're trying to make Yahtzee/Poker hand dice combos in order to dish out damage to your opponents, heal damage to your own reputation and earn gold that you can use to add special abilities on future rolls.

Aside from the P'n'P rules and pirate character sheets, you just need two markers apiece to keep track of your reputation (ie: health) and gold, and five standard six-sided dice.

Players all have their own similar but different character sheets. That means that, in the main, each pirate is rolling for their own specific dice combo. So, for example, to dish out three points of damage and earn 1 gold coin Blackbeard needs to roll three 6s and one 1 while Anne Bonny has to roll three 4s and one 2. This doesn't of course make any material difference but it leaves players with the feeling that their rolls are specifically theirs; there's an extra frisson of excitement when an opponent rolls a combo that would've been great for you but which is actually much less useful to them. On your turn, as you try to make one of your combos, you get to roll each of your five dice a maximum of three times.

While the combos required by each pirate are similar, there's more asymmetry in each character's special abilities. So, for example, Fillayo Fish can spend two gold to halve the damage suffered when they are next attacked, while Ching Shih can, for the same cost, keep any unused die for the next turn. You'll inevitably find some players complaining that other players' special abilities are better than theirs but this really isn't a game to argue over or take too seriously. It's a fun, family-friendly filler-length dice chucker, and Foshies and No Box Games have it on Kickstarter right now. Click here to check it out.

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