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AngerSmash is a light 'take that' set collection card game from How Am I Weird Games where the 2-5 players are vying to be the first to assemble a tableau of four matching Anger and four matching Zen cards. Tho' there are a lot of Anger and Zen cards (24 different designs), there are only four of each design.

Players all start off with eight Anger and Zen cards, each of which is placed face-up in front of them in a tableau. Any that match are stacked. The remaining Anger and Zen cards are shuffled in with 'Action' cards. On your turn, you can draw a card from the deck and if it's an Anger or Zen card that matches one in your tableau, you take it. If it doesn't, that card stays in the centre of the table. If there's a card in the centre that matches one of your Anger or Zen cards you can take that. If you draw a card that matches one already in the centre of the table, you can take both.

You need to think of AngerSmash as a party game, and the fun of the game is in those Action cards that were shuffled in. When you draw one of those you keep it face down so others don't know what you have. You can't use these cards in the turn in which you draw them but on a subsequent turn you can play an Action card for its effect. The 'Bloodboiler' cards all let you steal cards from other players. You can use these to help complete your own sets of four Anger and Zen cards or as a purely 'take that' action to prevent an opponent from completing a set. The 'Disruptor' cards have various different effects, including effects that can eliminate an opponent's entire completed set! The Disruptor effects aren't all 'take that'; there's a card, for example, that lets you treat a set of three Anger cards as if it was a complete set of four...

AngerSmash is available from Amazon. It's at its chaotic best with four of five players inevitably ganging up on each other to knock back any player that looks like they may be in claiming distance of victory. You'll find that victory usually comes down to canny and/or lucky use of Disruptor cards...

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