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Snowman Dice

Updated: Dec 5, 2019

Here's a family filler game that you can have some fun with.

In Snowman Dice, 2–4 players each have their own hand of five identical 6-sided custom dice. The six sides show a snowman's base, midriff and head, a snowflake, a snowball and a pointing arrow.

There are no turns: players roll the dice as fast as they can to get a complete set of snowman parts (the snowflake is 'wild' and can be substituted for any of the parts). These are stacked, head on top of midriff on top of base, and, when an arrow has been rolled, the player has to push their snowman to a 'North Pole' marker in the centre of the table. If their snowman collapses en route, they have to take it back and reroll to start again. You can guess, this already makes for a fast and frenetic game but there's more... If an opponent is moving their snowman towards the 'North Pole', you can flick a die with the snowball face up to try to demolish your opponent's snowman.

Snowman Dice is designed by well-known card and board game designer Mike Elliott, and credit too goes to Reinis Petersons for the charming presentation. Publishers Brain Games have further added to the appeal by marketing the game in a snowball-shaped zip case. This all makes for a great little package that will give you lots of family fun. Just watch out for those flying snowball dice: they can hit quite hard when players get carried away with their enthusiasm.

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