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Dwarven Beerfest

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

Designed by Paul Baalham, Dwarven Beerfest is a push your luck card and dice game from Triple Ace. It offers some novel twists on the many other push your luck games on offer, and there's scope for strategy to mitigate the luck of the draw so that your dwarf successfully outdrinks his compatriots around, and ultimately under, the table.

The idea is that the (2–4) players are dwarves in a drinking contest at a tavern. The dwarf/fantasy setting is not really material to the game, except that it prompts some appealing art by Andree Schneider and Joe Shawcross. The drink cards all have 'Quaff' numbers on them; think of them as the units of alcohol that healthcare professionals are always urging us to keep track of. Players will be drawing cards in the hope that the total of the numbers on the cards drawn will not exceed the values shown on the dice rolled at the end of the drinking round.

Players have action cards that can affect their own and others' results, and whether a dwarf starts the round drunk or sober determines which of the several multi-sided dice are the ones his results will be measured against. And there's some comfort in this game too for those who complain that dice hate them (ie: they think they get a disproportionately high number of bad rolls): in Dwarven Beerfest, when the dice are rolled, the same roll applies to all of the players.

There's some modest complexity in the way in which cards are transferred from the dwarf's Quaffed to the Renown pile (which is what will score at the end of the game). That means there's a bit of iconography to keep track of. That shouldn't be too much of a problem if you're playing this sober but we wouldn't recommend playing this game as a real-time real-world drinking game! Be warned, those Units add up just like Quaff points. :-)

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