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Museum Rush: The Big Heist

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

Can you have too much of a good thing? Absolutely not! We liked Room 17's Museum Rush, which we reviewed on Board's Eye View in June. But, designer and illustrator Rhys Ap Gwyn's The Big Heist expansion makes a good game even better! It takes the maximum player count from four to six players, and it introduces co-operative and solitaire versions to boot. With this expansion, players can even swap roles to play as the museum guards (automata in the original game).

Although it isn't a standalone game, there's as much in The Big Heist box as in the original game (which you'll obviously need in order to play this). There are new thieves, each with their own special ability, and this expansion introduces special guards (the head guard and curator) who also have different abilities. In addition, the expansion introduces 'plot twist' cards which tweak the basic game rules. Among these is a Pharaoh Queen plot card which adds in a new mini who will join the guards in chasing the thieves but who will 'curse' those she catches, forcing them to reduce their hand size.

Even with the full complement of six players, there's no danger of the museum getting overcrowded. That's because there's a bunch of new rooms, including those that are marked with a great-looking plastic vault when they are triggered. As with the original game, the cartoony minis look fantastic, and the expansion adds coloured plastic bases to help make each figure stand out all the more.

There is so much in this Big Heist expansion that you are certain to find plenty here to further enhance your enjoyment of the game. The expansion is modular in that you can pick and choose which of the extras to incorporate into your game. If you like Museum Rush, then you really should rush out to buy The Big Heist expansion.

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