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Star Wars Rebellion

Updated: Dec 21, 2019

For anyone who hasn't played this game, it may come as a surprise that the mechanics are built around Euro worker placement. Each player has a collection of Leaders and every action - whether from a mission card or even merely movement - has to be controlled by a Leader. The Empire has cards that make it likely that they will capture one of the Rebel Leaders, and subsequent cards can allow them to turn their captive to the Dark Side (make them change sides) or 'interrogate' them to narrow down the location of the Rebel base. If they find the Empire closing in on them, the Rebels can relocate their base, and this might just buy them enough time to snatch victory. In our game, the Rebels came within a turn of winning but the Empire subjugated their relocated base just in time to secure the game.

Star Wars Rebellion (from Fantasy Flight) is a long game - you need to allow anything up to four hours after you've set the game up - but it never drags. The pace is maintained because players are always alternating actions, so there is really no downtime. And yes, the game does succeed in evoking the Star Wars universe: the Force is strong in this one!

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