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Quadropolis Public Services

Updated: Oct 3, 2020

After the short review of Quadropolis first appeared on the Board's Eye View Facebook page, we had a lot of people ask for a Board's Eye View of what was in the new Public Services expansion for Quadropolis (Days of Wonder).

As you can see, it's a small box that adds another 24 tiles (11 'Classic' and 13 'Expert'). They form a separate pile from which, at the start of each round, four tiles are placed face up. Now, when a player picks the standard 'public services' tile from the grid, they can choose either to keep it or to discard it and replace it with one of the face-up new tiles.

The expansion introduces some interesting new buildings, including a Maternity Ward (immediately generating an increase in population) and a Customs House that gives an additional victory point bonus for having a complete row or column of Harbours. Quadropolis Public Services adds a worthwhile enhancement of the tile that was previously probably the least exciting in the game. I suspect that most of those who own Quadropolis will want to add it to their set.

It is just a pity that Days of Wonder have printed the two-sided helper cards so that they have to be flipped over to see all the tiles in each version of the game. It would have made for more convenient use if the cards had been printed with the alternate version on the reverse, so all four could be left with a useable face showing for either 'Classic' or 'Expert' play.

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