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Bubblee Pop

There is an increasing crossover between board games and apps. This is a board game from Bankiiiz that has the distinct look and feel of a phone app. It also has the same colourful design and folksy charm that we've come to expect from an app.

In Bubblee Pop, players each control a planet whose gravity is attracting the small round creatures hovering the sky. Putting aside the 'storyline' and graphics, this is a colourful abstract game where players place out coloured pieces and drop two at a time into their play areas. They remove pieces to score them when they manage to line up three or more of the same colour. In addition, when pieces are removed, the player is able to implement that colour's 'powers' (take a special action).

Though this is obviously a two-player game, it incorporates a solitaire option that also offers a decent level of challenge.

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