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Massive Darkness

Updated: Aug 22, 2020

The game itself may be just another dungeon crawler but you have to give a shout out to the quality (and quantity) of the components. The publisher's name is Cool Mini or Not, and these are certainly Cool Minis: great sculpts, and a definite step up from previous CMON games, including Zombicide.

Several Zombicide (and, particularly, Zombicide Black Plague) elements are recognisable in Massive Darkness, including the nifty trays to hold the hero character and equipment cards and to keep track of health and experience.

The Board's Eye View 360º photo here shows just some of the content of the core game box, but that actually represents only around half of the minis and other components that came with this Kickstarter. A crossover pack enables all the hero characters from Massive Darkness to be used as Zombicide Black Plague survivors while also enabling ZBP survivors and boss monsters to be used in Massive Darkness. This was a great idea that was not merely good marketing: it should also help to boost the player appeal of both games, encouraging players, like their characters, to move between the two games.

What CMON needs to do next in my book is secure a licensing deal for a Doctor Who game. That will give them free reign with the potential for a host of great minis, as well as a (time travel) mechanic that could facilitate crossovers between whole tranches of CMON's other games. Failing that, I'm at least looking for a time rift crossover that allows Zombicide and ZBP survivors and monsters to range between their respective universes...

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