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Updated: Dec 3, 2019

This is a simple but fun memory game from Blue Orange with an element of luck and a 'take that' variant.

The game comprises an appealing set of 12 chunky wooden penguins and 6 pairs of brightly coloured eggs. The penguins are placed in the centre of the table, each perched over an egg so that the players cannot see the colour of the eggs. There are two wooden dice with colours on each side that match those of the eggs. On their turn, a player rolls the dice and lifts two penguins with the aim of finding eggs that match the colours shown on the upper face of the dice. If any are found, those penguins and their eggs are placed on the player's 'iceberg' (board). Where there is no match, the penguin is replaced over the egg. All the players try to remember which coloured egg is where so that they can find them if they roll that colour when their turn comes.

Penguins on icebergs still conceal their eggs, so, in an optional rule suggested for older children, players can take penguins away from their opponents. This will initially be fun but may be best avoided on repeated play, as it can mean that the game goes on for much longer and may risk overstaying its welcome.

Tho' the box and the rules indicate this is a game for children and adults from age 4 and up, Pengoloo is actually a game that parents can play with much younger pre-school children. I suspect the age on the box reflects the fact that you would want to avoid toddlers putting the eggs in their mouths so you wouldn't want two-year olds to be playing this game unsupervised. However, they will certainly get enjoyment playing this with other members of the family.

The key appeal of the game is in the fabulous look and feel of the wooden components but it definitely has an educational element for younger children as it reinforces their knowledge of colours, pattern recognition and number.

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