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The Captain Is Dead: a side by side comparison

Updated: Oct 19, 2019

Following up on the Board's Eye View review of The Captain is Dead, here's a side-by-side comparison of the original Game Crafter and Alderac Entertainment Group editions.

The picture above shows the more recent edition published by AEG. The picture below shows the original version.

The boards are very similar. They are shown here with their matching rulebooks, each of which mirrors the design of the box. The main distinction is the choice of fonts and the use of coloured beams to connect decks and stations to their ship locations; the original board has dotted line connections.

The AEG versions of the character cards have cleaner lines and uses a clearer (if smaller) font.

The AEG see-through stand-ups are a notable improvement on those in the original game. I actually think I prefer this sort of stand-up to minis. I seem to recall a company selling a large range of similar clear plastic stand-ups at Essen Spiel last year. I will check them out further if they are at Essen again next month.

The slight problem with the AEG printing of these stand-ups though is that half the Tactical Officer's right leg is cut off (you can see that I've retained part of the surrounding plastic so that her leg and right arm are not lost).

I have mixed views on the Alert cards. The text side of the AEG cards offer an improvement on the original but I'm not sure I don't prefer the simpler less cluttered design of the upper face of the Game Crafter original (again, shown on the right of the picture).

I think, on balance, I prefer for these cards the simpler design of the original versions.

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